Keirin Therapy

3Rensho Keirin | 1991

Built for 'The Monster' Masamitsu Takizawa

3Rensho 'Katana' Keirin | 1987

Seven years ago my wife was diagnosed with MS. Our relationship which had up until then included healthy doses of travel, exploration and physical activity – changed drastically. Our mobility decreased. Her bicycles changed from road frame, to step through frame, to tadpole trike to wheelchair.

As we both struggled to adjust to our new reality I tried to hold on to cycling as a shared experience any way I could think of. In vintage bicycles I found the answer: I could tinker, repair, restore, collect and spend time with my sweetheart in the process.

Soon I was obsessed with the handmade steel keirin frames designed by Yoshi Konno of 3Rensho. Thinned custom lugs, ends, crowns, clusters, bottom bracket shells and a near mythological reputation as an innovator and party animal.

3Rensho 'Modeulo' Keirin | 1984

Through some casual research I discovered that the master keirin builders were heavily influenced by the Italian masters of the 60’s through the 70’s and my attention has shifted in that direction. My 3Rensho frames have since been sold but my interest in lugged steel remains. It’s my version of therapy.

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1 Response to Keirin Therapy

  1. M Mauchline says:

    A wonderful post, and equally great site. I can’t say that I have any credibility in truly understanding what your wife, and yourself have been going through – I would be doing a disservice to you both. But, I do wish you both continued strength, hope, and love for each other.

    Somehow, I believe I was referring to people like yourself when I wrote the last line of a post about an old Miele, my first true road bike. I’m glad I stumbled on your site.


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