De Rosa Professional SLX

De Rosa (SOLD) | Strada | 57cm (c-c) | circa 1985 | more pics

My my first real road racing bicycle was around 1986. $50 bought me a Campagnolo equipped Miele from a neighbours garage down the street. The derailleurs didn’t function but the paint screamed in Italian red, green and white. I’ll never forget those multi color fades so popular at the time. Impatient to a fault I jerry-rigged a single speed, filled my pockets with quarters and headed for the arcade (where else?). About half way there, in the middle of a busy 4 lane I managed to pull the rear wheel out of the drop-outs. I face planted near the curb, bike on top, quarters flying and car tires squealing. Fortunately other than scrapes and bruises my only injury was my pride and my confidence in traffic. The mangled Miele quickly found the dumpster and I went back to my BMX and MTB away from traffic.

25 years later I again have a road racing machine from the same era. This time I’m a little more patient. I’ll wait until the ice is gone and I’m going to tighten down those QR’s!!

Who knew back in the mid eighties that the era of stock professional steel frames was less than a decade from extinction? De Rosa ended production of stock pro level steel race frames around 1990, moving on to aluminum, titanium, and carbon. My last memories of professional steel? The Masi Volumetrica and the Merckx MX Leader…

This one looks familiar, the light twin to my dark:
Same concave seat stay caps, same pantographing & sloping fork crown.

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2 Responses to De Rosa Professional SLX

  1. adam wilson says:

    That’s interesting. Can you show me a photograph of the underneath of the bottom bracket?

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