Eddy Merckx “Townie”

Eddy Merckx (SOLD) | Pista | 1990’s | 56cm (c-c) | more pics

UPDATE: Traded this shiny penny for a dirty ol’ nickel. A circa 1985 Eddy Merckx Pista with Columbus SLX tubing & badly faded paint. Enjoying it for the summer and maybe refinishing it over the winter.

I’d like to introduce you to my fair-weather friend. A slightly longer wheelbase and relaxed geometry make this frame a great street ride or trainer. In combination with the Cinelli ‘Priest’ bars this build is surprisingly comfortable for ‘heads up’ city cycling. I found the frame NOS, forgotten steel from the 90’s when aluminum and titanium were all the rage. Beautiful paint finish and full of contradictions: The fork crown is both windowed and pantographed, while the track ends show no machining or filing. I would say the only detail I don’t appreciate is how the seat-stays awkwardly terminate at the seat cluster for the Cromor tubing model…

Over the next year I’ll have a few Merckx projects to share and perhaps a short bio of the ‘Cannibal’ himself. Until then, enjoy a fair-weather friend!

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