Rider Profile: Jocelyn Lovell

From the Canadian History by the Minute:

At the Edinborough Commonwealth Games in 1970, Jocelyn Lovell won gold, silver and bronze – Canada’s first cycling medals in 32 years. A sport was resurrected.

Over his career, Lovell won more than 40 national titles. At the 1974 national championships he took five events ranging from the track sprint to the road race.
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Builder Profile: Sante Pogliaghi

From Classic Rendezvous:

“Sante Pogliaghi was one of the acknowledged masters of post war Italian frame building. He was sought after by top Olympic and Professional athletes alike. While his track bikes, both solo and tandem are most famous, he also made superb road bikes. Sante passed away in the mid 1980s and the rights to manufacture frames under his name were sold to Marc Rossin then to the Basso brothers. Bikes from the 1970s and earlier, made by Sante himself, are highly prized by knowledgeable collectors.”

Pogliaghi Reference Pogliaghi Reference Pogliaghi Reference
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Pogliaghi ‘Italcourse’ Pista Team Canada 1970’s

Sante Pogliaghi | 1971 | Pursuit-Pista 57cm (c-t) | #9606 | more pics

From the moment it was for sale I knew I had to have it and that bringing it back to Canadian soil was a national priority. The seller advertised that it had belonged to Canadian Olympic team rider Jack ‘Flash’ McCullough and that it had been used in the ill fated ’72 Munich Olympic games. I like the story, but have not been able to confirm it.
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