De Rosa Professional 1983

De Rosa 1983-1
De Rosa (SOLD) | Strada | 56cm (c-c) | circa 1983

Sometimes it’s a very short engagement. Replaced the RD pulleys, hoods, bar-tape, cables & pads and a few spokes. Put on about 300km and then another, more interesting opportunity came along so it’s moved on to a new owner. A fellow vintage curmudgeon told me not too long ago that ‘you never sell one of these’. He also happens to have about 60 bikes and runs a bike shop so I didn’t think the advice really applied to lightweight velo-addicts like me.

Typical De Rosa geometry, turns on a dime, tracks straight and true. Flat fork crown, early 80’s type BB shell with 2 small cable routing eyelets underneath – a precursor to the more refined cable slots that would follow. Dates to around 83-84. Looks like Sammontana team colours. Gelati Sammontana…those Italian food companies sure love to sponsor cycling teams!

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  1. Great bike – I have almost same kind of DeRosa 61 cm round 1983, with Campagnolo Super Records and everything original except cables, bar-tape and tubes.

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